Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Lost-Lasting, Lucious Liners

I can be quite lazy with my makeup, and that is especially true when it comes to my eyeliner. I can’t be counted on to have a sharpener on hand no matter how many I buy, and I never, ever seem to be able to locate mine, so for that reason, I stick to liquid eyeliner. First, because I am so angry about this product, I will talk about the one I absolutely loathe with a passion. I hate this $16.50 eyeliner so much that I returned it within a week. It looked so cool, but this eyeliner stirs up nothing but negative feelings. Mostly because I feel bad for the poor girls who think this type of liquid liner will convert them to the liquid side of liners…but it really does nothing but disappoint.

I’m talking about you, MAC Penultimate eyeliner ($16.50). Here you come on the scene, a nifty pen type liner with a felt tip that reminded me of the felt pens my teachers used to grade my homework in elementary school. You seemed so easy to apply, and sure, compared to the gel pot liners, you were. You didn’t require extra effort or thought, it was a quick swish and there you were lining my eyes. Sometimes it was two swipes. But by lunchtime, this sneaky product faded to gray. Having to reapply did not go well with my laziness. It made me hate you, MAC Penultimate eyeliner. I needed a liner that lasted the entire day! Not an awful product that lasted just half a day.

  • Cons: Didn’t last all day, not as dark as I’d like, required two applications to be dark
  • Pro: Easy to apply, fast-drying

So of course, I took the advice of my cousin who showed me her fantastic L’Oreal Paris Telescopic Precise Liquid Eyeliner that lasts all day! The pointed brush wasn’t too soft or too long like some liners, and the texture of the liner was great. It didn’t smear or smudge which was so important to me. The best part—it did last me all day. I only had to reapply if I was going out at night, which I didn’t mind. The "brush" is actually quite stiff, similar to the MAC Penultimate, but it may take a while to get used. The price can’t be beat! It is just about $8 at your local drugstore, less than half the price of MAC’s Penultimate liner.

  • Cons: it can go on thick and it doesn't dry fast, so if you aren't careful and blink right away, you'll end up with liner on the top of your lids. It's happened to me before.. not pretty.
  • Pro: long-lasting, thick texture, rich, easy to apply, the black is super bold, matte finish

Another liner I love is the Sephora brand liquid liner. It is only $10, and while it is a bit more “watery” than the L’Oreal Paris liner and has a thin, long brush, I still did enjoy this product greatly. I am more loyal to the L’Oreal, but the Sephora brand is great too.

  • Cons: Not water-proof like it claims to be, doesn't last all day (you might need a touch-up)
  • Pro: good color, goes on super thin thanks to the brush

Stay tuned for my NEXT POST: Pencil Eyeliners


  1. i used to use nars pencil religiously but i hated how i ended up looking like a sooty raccoon by the end of the night. now i only use a liquid felt tip pen style eyeliner by l'oreal called "lineur intense" because it goes on cleaner and doesn't smudge:
    it took a bit of practice at first but now it's really easy to apply and i can't imagine switching back to pencil. - Haniya

    ps. thanks for posting this so i have a distraction at work. ;)

  2. I hate pencil liner because of the smudge factor too! I want to try the other L'Oreal liner you just posted, I'll check it out on my next trip to Target. I appreciate the comment! <3 thanks!

  3. allure magazine recommended an OTC eyeliner a while back from physician's formula which boasts inky black intensity, long wear and a felt tip. so far its a winner with me and at around $8, recessionally acceptable. :)- nabila